I’m a screenwriter, author, and web content writer.  I wrote an inspirational young adult book called Bitsy’s Labyrinth which I later adapted into a screenplay.

My current spec script is a thriller called THE FAMILIAR. I have a handful of scripts in a drawer. Some have won awards. Others, not so much.

Previous screenplays include: GUARDIAN JOE, TIME SHARE, and THE SOUND OF RAIN. I co-wrote TERMINAL with David Poulshock and Nancy Froeschle.

I am the former film chair for the Willamette Writers Conference, one of the largest writers’ associations in the country. I cover “conference basics” at the conference, and also teach screenwriting techniques at other venues.Mary explaining Screenwring Sequences at George Fox University

I have prestigious degrees in fields completely unrelated to writing. (Somewhere in there lies a dark story.)

Currently, I co-host ISA’s Third Thursdays with David Poulshock. We find creative ways for Portland-area screenwriters and filmmakers to work together. Please see my blog post for more information. We hope to see you soon!

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