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Mar 20

Willamette Writers offers fun Writing Contest

As far as contests go, this couldn’t be easier. Six words, my friends. Check it: Good luck, and check out Willamette Writers for more info. &nbsp;

Mar 14

Conference Success Basics – Action Step 1

“The agent wants to see my first forty pages.” “The editor wants to publish my ‘How-To’ book.” “The Hollywood producer wants the rights to my YA series.” You hear these things all the time at a writers’ conference. So what’s holding YOU back?  If you’ve ever considered going to a conference, this is your year! …

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Mar 05

Gluten Free Screenwriter

Although this site is primarily about screenwriting and writers’ conference success tips, I also want to make mention that we are a gluten free household. That’s because I have a daughter with Celiac disease. I liken gluten in your diet to screenplays with unnecessary fillers and bad prose.  Not a good thing. I’ve cooked gluten …

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